Found Poem of Mitt Romney

I decided to have a little fun with the debate transcript (did I actually just say that?) and pulled a few, select comments from the debate, edited them and arranged them in lines so that now we have a found poem from the debate.

Comments are desired, including variations on my theme (maybe a found poem of Obama, or Biden or Ryan?):

The right course for America
is to have a true
all-of-the-above policy.
You’ll get your chance
in a moment.
I’m still speaking.
I’m happy to answer the question.
That was a statement. I don’t think
the American people believe that.

He actually got the first question.
So I get the last
question -- last answer --
Candy, Candy --

And I said, “Well, gosh,
can’t we find some women
that are also qualified?”
They brought us
whole binders full of women.
If you’re going to have
women in the workforce
sometimes you need
to be more flexible.
The time -- the time...

Is it Loraina?
Yes, Lorraine.

My dad was born in Mexico
of American parents; Ann’s dad
was born in Wales
and is a first-generation American.
says let people
make their own choice.
I’ve gotta continue.
Mr. President, have you
looked at your pension?
I don’t look at my pension.
It’s not as big as yours
so it doesn’t take as long.
Well, let me give you some advice.
Change the culture
of violence that we have.

But gosh to tell our kids
that before they have babies,
they ought to think about
getting married to someone,
that’s a great idea.

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