Formerly Gay Man Introduced On MN House Floor

Representative Glenn Gruenhagen introduces a friend of his on the House floor as someone who used to be involved in the gay lifestyle and now has three children. Gruenhagen has come under increasing fire for his assertion that homosexuality is a mental illness. A few minutes later House Speaker Paul Thissen announces that members can non longer use a "point of personal privilege" to introduce friends or family from the floor or the gallery in the House.


Paul Thissen: Announcements?

Representative Gruenhagen.

Glenn Gruenhagen: Point of personal privilege

Thissen: State your point of personal privilege

Gruenhagen: Thank you Mr. Speaker. I have a close friend here. The last couple years. His name is Kevin Petersen. Kevin why don't you stand up and say hi.
The interesting thing about Kevin is he was active in the gay lifestyle for about ten years and then he left it, got married and he now has three children. Thank you.

(light applause)

(minutes later) Thissen: Members an announcement by the Speaker.

So we have had for a long time on this floor the use of points of personal privilege to recognize friends and family, groups in the audience. That's actually not what points of personal privilege are for. They're to deal with issue of privilege of members of this House on the floor. So from now on, it really has gotten out of hand over the last several sessions, from now on if you have a point of privilege about something that's going to be happening that relates to you as a member of this body and it's about your personal privilege, that will be recognized. But we're not going to be recognizing groups. We're not going to be recognizing family members and friends on the House floor. You can do that in another form in another format.

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