The Fiscal Five: A Quintet of Cliff Cartoons

With Christmas quickly fading in the rearview mirror and 2013 approaching fast, lawmakers are back in Washington scrambling to come up with at least a partial solution to the so-called "fiscal cliff" that threatens to hurt our fragile economy and raise taxes on all Americans.

Things aren't looking too optimistic. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday that we're headed over the "fiscal cliff," blaming House Speaker John Boehner for not allowing a middle class tax cut bill to come to a vote. Reid said the House is “being operated with a dictatorship of the speaker.” He added that Boehner “walked away” from talks with President Obama.

“The Speaker just has a few days left to change his mind, but I have to be very honest - I don’t know time-wise how it can happen now,” Reid said.

As leaders in Washington squabble, here are five funny "fiscal cliff" cartoons to cheer you up:

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