Cartoonists Demand Action on Gun Violence

A bunch of cartoonists - including Roz Chast, Tom Tomorrow and Garry Trudeau - got together to contribute their work to a short web piece calling for action on gun violence. It's a project of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a coalition of more than 900 mayors across the U.S. in big cities and small towns alike who are among other things have specific policy suggestions for the federal government and are also working locally on keeping their constituents protected from gun violence.

Watch the video, which is narrated by Seymour Phillip Hoffman and Julianne Moore:

Fully 10 percent of the nation's members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns are New Jersey mayors and their towns. But not my town of Flemington, because our mayor doesn't think this is borough business. Our town's solution? Post an armed police officer at the middle school, and try to force that cop on the school even when the school says it's no longer appropriate (here's an nj.com editorial criticizing Flemington Borough Councilman Brian Swingle for deciding he and not the school knows best).

For the record, a member of my household is a fellow councilman who both brought the Mayors Against Illegal Guns resolution to the town, which the mayor wouldn't put on the agenda, and opposes - as I do - the idea that the municipal government of one of a school's sending districts knows what to do in the school on this better than the school does.

Here's the cartoonists' website, with some history, some action suggestions and a little bit of where we now stand on now.

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