MO Money: Faith-Based Budgeting and Orthogonal Reality



Best quote of the day comes from economist Jared Bernstein's blog:


House Republicans released their budget today, and I found it to be...um...how can I put this nicely?...orthogonal to reality

"Orthogonal to reality." And here I thought we'd exhausted all the ways that there were to describe GOP delusions. Bernstein amplifies his remarks:



Of course, as he notes, GOPers claim that this recipe results in growth that floats all our boats. Sadly, as Bernstein observes after pointing out the rather obvious problems with this logic:


I too believe in the American people and growth but I don't believe in magic asterisks or tax cuts that pay for themselves. It's great to have faith, but math is good too

Read the entire piece - it's quite brief. And remember that part about the importance of math. I think that the observation is pertinent to the budget Missouri's Republican-dominated legislature wants to impose on us. Something on the order of what is sinking Kansas, Wisconsin and a whole host of states with like-minded legislatures. That's where the phrase "orthogonal to reality" becomes relevant to us as well. Just think, Scott Walker is destroying Wisconsin with this same mumbo-jumbo and, as a result, he's a front-runner for GOP presidential candidate.

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