VA Republicans Nominate Homophobic 'Ex-Gay' Proponent to Board of Elections

Late last week, Republicans in Fairfax County, Va., released its endorsements for the Fairfax County Board of Elections. At the top the list, was one Stephen Hunt. It's a name that sounds generic enough to anyone not deeply invested in local politics, but to anyone who sat on an area school board or perhaps a town meeting since 2005 knows the man's specificity all too well.

Since that time, Hunt has pushed an anti-homosexual agenda on anyone who wanted to listen — and often to those who didn't. He wrote letters to Fairfax County principals comdemning the gay "lifestyle" and "used his position as a school board member to promote antagonism against our gay youth and the homosexual community," according to a resident in 2010. He pushed for the anti-gay therapy and wanted speakers to tour county schools explaining the dangers of homosexuality. He essentially made it his mission for years and years, and now the Fairfax Country Republican Committee thinks he's the best candidate to sit on the Board of Elections.

This, in a state party's ticket for governor headlined by Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson, who have some of the most extreme views of any "legitimate" candidates for such important offices in any state in recent memory.

If you're interested in more on Stephen Hunt, see Is Stephen Hunt Another "Sideshow Bob" (Marshall)?, Mary Lee Cerillo on Steve Hunt's Anti-Gay Obsession, and Are The Republicans Dumb Enough To Nominate Steve Hunt? As to that last question, the answer is clearly "yes." Now here's a suggestion for Stephen Hunt: instead of seeking public office, how about joining "ex-gay" group Exodus International in shutting down and apologizing for promoting "years of undue suffering and judgment" toward LGBT people?!? Just a thought...

Just when you think Republicans can't get any crazier, they go ahead and do just that. See the image at the far right, which announces that "with great pleasure" the Fairfax County Republican Committee's endorsements.

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