Elton the 'Gay' Dog Saved From Being Euthanized

A Tennessee man sent his dog to be euthanized because he thought the dog was "gay," but the dog was later rescued thanks to a Facebook campaign.

The man saw his male pitbull/American bulldog mix "humping" another male dog, and came to the conclusion the dog was "gay." However, as Psychology Today notes, dogs also mount each other to express dominance, to play or because their nervous or excited.

Regardless, the man brought his dog to the Jackson Rabies Control Animal Shelter on Tuesday, who launched a Facebook campaign to save the "gay" dog from being euthanized:

This guy was signed over to RC, not bc he's mean or bc he tears things up, but because... His owner says he's gay! He hunched another male dog so his owner threw him away bc he refuses to have a "gay" dog! Even if that weren't the most assinine thing I've ever heard, its still discrimination! Don't let this gorgeous dog die bc his owner is ignorant of normal dog behavior! He's in kennel 10L and he WILL be put down tomorrow bc there is no room at the inn!

Fortunately, dog was adopted on Thursday by veterinary tech Stephanie Fryns, hours before he was scheduled to be euthanized. Fryns named him Elton.

Fryns told ABCNews.com that Elton weighed 50 pounds, and “was pretty friendly so far. He’s pretty scared of everything, which is understandable. But he loved the car ride.”

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