Every day Jobs: Unemployment in Vermont fifth lowest in US

  There is still plenty of need for improvement but how could such a thing happen in Vermont, a state often claimed to be one of the most unfriendly business states?  Vt. has one of lowest jobless rates in nation

“While the survey of Vermont households reported some economic weakness, we were still encouraged by Vermont businesses reporting increases in the employment numbers,” Labor Commissioner Annie Noonan said in a statement.   With the state adding 2,500 jobs in July, Noonan said that points to the “strength and diversity of the state's economy.

The national unemployment rate for July was 8.3 and Vermont at 5 percent unemployment is the fifth lowest in the country. Here in New England the average is 7.1. Vermont’s 5 percent unemployment rate was up .3 of a percent point from the last report but is the lowest in New England. Rhode Island can be found at the top with 10.8 percent, Connecticut 8.5 percent Maine at 7.6 percent and New Hampshire  

These rates have to improve soon but the Vermont rate appears to be at odds with the doom and gloomsters (I am thinking Randy Brock and Bruce Lisman) suggestions that Vermont is an unfriendly state for businesses.

Oh, by the way big ol’ Texas, the state that is often at the top of the most business friendly lists-their unemployment rate is up for the second consecutive month at 7.2 percent.  

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