Esty was for SuperPACs before she was against SuperPACs

Now she's making my head spin...

Here's what Republican-Light" candidate Elizabeth Esty had this to say about the pro-Dan Roberti SuperPAC, New Directions for America.

"Out of nowhere, exactly the nightmare scenario that we worried about with Citizens United, it's happening folks, right now," she said, referring to the Supreme Court decision that removed limits on groups' campaign contributions, paving the way for lsuper PACs.

Hmm...that's interesting because Esty had no problems when Emily's List SuperPAC, Women Vote!, announced that they were in her corner and vowed to the wage a smear campaign on her behalf by attacking those who supported a progressive Democratic state budget, which eliminated deep cuts to social programs for working families while asking the rich to pay their fair share.

You can't have it both ways...

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