Esty tells a joke

Ha ha!

The Democratic nominee for the open seat in the Fifth Congressional District told Face the State host Dennis House on Thursday that she has not read the blogs for months and months. House asked Esty to comment on a quote from My Left Nutmeg, comparing her to Pinnocchio and that pesky nose that would grow whenever he told a lie. Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Cheshire, knew nothing of it. She does not read blogs.

Hmm...Is this the same Esty I interviewed at the convention? The same Esty whose campaign flooded my email inbox with press releases and stuff until I jumped off ship when they decided to attack Democrats who stood up for working families during the bitterly fought state budget battle?

Look, I'm not bother in the least with Esty's answer. I've seen my fair share of campaigns in my time so I (and just about everyone else in the know) get the deal as it would be unwise to appear defensive in the eyes of public who will be voting in the general election.

What should be paramount on Esty's mind (and that of her campaign team) is mending ways with the groups she pissed off during the primary and getting everyone on board for the common good of the party.

I know Esty is a very intelligent individual and knows that she needs to get together with Donovan, do the right thing, and make a deal. Not doing the right thing could very well result in kissing an important voting bloc goodbye (e.g., good luck winning the general with people in cities such as Meriden and New Britain sitting the general out).

You think Kristen Gillbrand would be senator of New York without agreeing to make a change in direction in certain matters?

The whispers of "Mary Glassman for Congress 2014" from some circles are real and should be of great concern to those who worked their asses to do chance the district from red to blue. I don't want to endure two years of my district under Republican rule so I'm hoping the adults in the room will start acting like adults before it's too late...hopefully my message won't fall on deaf ears.

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