Topics Worth Debating: Colorado Burning Down

Tonight's presidential debate will be held in Colorado, where wildfires recently burned 202,425 acres of land (316.3 square miles). Those wildfires killed five people, forced the evacuation of 34,500 people, and destroyed over 600 homes.

It's part of a pattern: Scientists say global warming is making large wildfires more frequent and more intense. America's next president will have to address the problem in both the short-term (more federal money going to disaster response & relief) and in the long-term (cutting carbon pollution and/or dealing with our constantly-rising cost of inaction).

Seems like something that's worth having Barack Obama and Mitt Romney discuss at tonight's debate, don't you think?

Nah, probably best to stick to discussing how many additional federal workers we should lay off, how much we can cut aid to states to feed/provide health care for kids, whether to force seniors to get jobs (or at least pay income tax on their social security) so those loafers can get out of the 47%, etc.

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