Republicans Name Climate Change Denier as Chair of Climate Change Subcommittee

AP PhotoDespite calls for a public rebranding, the GOP remains a heaven for extremists whose views are out of touch with mainstream voters, and the actions of party leaders bely their very public attempts at change.

Take the House subcommittee on climate change. In light of their public rebranding efforts, you might think they'd appoint someone more moderate to head the subcommittee, or at least open to the idea of climate change.

Wrong. Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) has been named the new Chair, and no surprise, Stewart does not believe in man-made climate change, is in favor of dissolving the EPA and is no fan of the Endangered Species Act.

“I’m not as convinced as a lot of people are that man-made climate change is the threat they think it is,” Stewart told the Salt Lake Tribune. “I think it is probably not as immediate as some people do.”

In response to an inquiry from Mother Jones, Stewart suggested more study was needed on the subject of climate change, despite the fact that over 99 percent of peer-revieved articles support the idea of climate change:

The world's climate is changing. That has always been true. Our global climate is always in flux, and always will be. So while I accept that our climate is changing, I also understand that a great deal of research still needs to be accomplished to understand why, as well as to discover the impacts man might be having on that change.

Climate change is also an extraordinarily complicated discipline. Because of this, it is vital that we ensure that policy decisions are based upon sound science. Before we make any long-lasting policy decisions that could negatively affect our economy, we need to be certain that the science behind our decisions is sound.

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