Minnesota Hardware Startup Conserves Water, Saves Money

The dynamic startup ecosystem of Minnesota has produced yet another company determined to build innovative, economical, and smart things. A group of serial entrepreneurs working out of COCO (a vibrant CoWorking and collaboration community with everything from software developers to lawyers to accountants to artists and designers) has developed an ingenious new device and software pairing that allows homeowners to precisely track and analyze their home's water usage in real time.  

The device and integrated software have incredibly pragmatic roots, cofounder Colin Hirdman was simply looking for a way to stop losing money on surprise water leaks that occured randomly on his rental properties. In his search for a detection/monitoring solution, he found that there wasn't a viable solution and the opportunity was obvious. So, over the last year, Colin worked with business partner Joshua Becerra to build a team of designers, engineers, coders, and hardware junkies to make something completely new.  

Becerra explains, "Up until now smart metering solutions have focused on providing data to cities and counties so they can identify problems in real-time and penalize consumers for over-usage. FLUID turns this on it's head. We believe that empowering consumers with actionable data to help them reduce their own water consumption is the most effective way to solve the water crisis."

It all came together this summer, and earlier this week they launched their KickStarter campaign. If successful, they will go into production mode, with shipping planned for May of 2016. We asked Hirdman what the next steps were leading up to production, "We've brought together an experienced team of people who know how to build and manufacture hardware. Our team has put countless hours into sourcing components, testing and prototyping FLUID. We'll be moving into certification, tooling and packaging design later this year - with volume manufacturing scheduled for early 2016."

Enjoy their KickStarter video below: 






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