B: U.S. Heat Spike Shatters Previous Record

 The latest report from NOAA reads as if it were science fiction. This stuff only happens in comic books and 007 movies I thought:

The national temperature of 57.1 degrees F during (meteorological) spring was 5.2 degrees F above the long-term average, besting the previous warmest spring of 1910 by 2.0 degrees F. This marked the largest temperature departure from average of any season on record for the contiguous United States. The spring of 2012 was the culmination of the warmest March, third warmest April, and second warmest May. This marks the first time that all three months during the spring season ranked among the ten warmest, since records began in 1895.

  Two (2) degrees above the record! Heat waves have plagued Asia, Europe, Africa, S. America & Australia in the past few years. Looks like it's our turn now. I don't know what exact affects this will bring about. It can include new or resurgent diseases along with extreme weather patterns.

 We're gonna need more green politicians. No, one elected official is going to be capable of doing anything tangible towards a solution.


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