40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act

40 years ago today, President Nixon signed the Clean Water Act. This has been the means by which we have, as a nation, dramatically reduced the toxic pollutants industry releases.

By the 1970s, Lake Superior was toxic. Now its remarkably clean and Duluth's tap water is known for its purity and great taste.

Republicans have been trying since it was introduced to weaken and eliminate it. Especially under the Bush Administration.

"The Clean Water Act has been instrumental in improving our environment and economy for people across the nation," said Jan Goldman-Carter, senior manager, Wetlands and Water Resources, for the National Wildlife Federation. "Unfortunately, over the last decade Clean Water Act protections have been eroding. Public officials need to restore bedrock protections that benefit our health, economy and way of life."

The unrelenting attack upon the Clean Water Act by Republicans in Congress now threatens millions upon millions of Americans drinking water.

If you love to fish, your favorite rivers and lakes are at risk. Not to mention the Minnesota tourism industry.

"Great Lakes restoration projects are producing results, but there is more work to do," said Gary Botzek, executive director of the Minnesota Conservation Federation. "At a time when the nation is making historic investments to restore the Great Lakes, Mississippi River and other U.S. waters, it does not make sense to undermine those efforts by weakening strong clean water protections."

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