#OperationAmericanSpring Gets Buried Under Snowfall of Sarcasm

Led by retired Army Colonel Harry Riley and name-jacking the Arab Spring, a bunch of right-wingers tried to throw a revolution over the weekend in Washington, D.C. Dubbed "Operation American Spring," the rally was met with a cold shoulder as not very many people showed up. The promoters were expecting 10 million to 30 million. That didn't happen. There wasn't a single estimate that even approached four digits. Many denizens in the Twitter universe responded with sarcasm and these are the best of those:


Greg Pinelo ‏@gregpinelo
Had a doctor's appointment. This new insurance is great! #AmericanSpringexcuses 8:52 AM - 17 May 2014


martha_davidson ‏@martha_davidson
Looks like they could have used a community organizer. #AmericanSpringExcuses 10:39 AM - 17 May 2014


Serial Gramma ‏@SerialGramma
No, we didn't say "around 10 mill people"... we said "10 people mill around" #AmericanSpringExcuses 7:50 AM - 17 May 2014


lorita mitchell ‏@indogal66
@JoyAnnReid maybe I should have made a left at Albuquerque? #americanspringexcuses 8:05 PM - 16 May 2014


TBogg ‏@tbogg
Is #OperationAmericanSpring a false flag to distract us from #Benghazi or is it the other way around? I forgot. 9:03 AM - 16 May 2014


Robbie Sherwood ‏@RobbieSherwood May 16
#OperationAmericanSpring, or as America will remember it, "Friday." 8:23 AM - 16 May 2014


Gen JC Xtian patriot ‏@JC_Christian May 16
There may only be 4 of us, but that makes us twice as threatning as the New Black Panthers #operationamericanspring 6:09 AM - 16 May 2014

A rousing success.

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