Email From Brandon English DCCC Digital Director And My Answer To Brandon English!

Brandon English's, Digital Director at Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, email is after the fold. This is my response to Brandon English:

Dear Brandon English,

Don't expect any money from me so you, the DCCC, can hand it out to right-wing Democrats that vote with the Republicans most of the time. If I have any spare money it will go real Democrats like Congressman John Yarmuth and Alan Grayson. So take your DCCC bull$hit somewhere else.

James Pence

The Email:

Hi James --

We’re reviewing our Democratic supporter records in advance of tomorrow’s Federal Election Commission (FEC) deadline. Your record is copied and pasted below:

Supporter record: xxxxxxxxx
Name: James Pence
2012 Online Support: Pending
Suggested support: $3.00

If you’re planning to contribute to our campaign to win a Democratic Majority for President Obama, it’s critical that you make your donation in the next 24 hours. Tomorrow is the midyear FEC reporting deadline of the 2012 general election. We’re relying on your support: 80% of our contributions are $35 or less.

You can click this personalized link to make your contribution of $3 or more today >>

Thanks for standing with us.

Brandon English
DCCC Digital Director


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