Elizabeth Esty's Paid Sick Leave lie

Okay, now I believe Esty is actually made out of wood...no human being is capable of her level of lying to the public.

I'm at a loss of words when it comes to the outrageous amount of lying, misleading statements, and distortions Elizabeth Esty and her ilk have spewed throughout this primary season.

From smearing progressives at the State Capitol,  lying about her Republican-light budget proposal, exaggerating her vote against the death penalty, lying about her so-called commitment to seniors, misleading the public about her committment to education, and misleading the public regarding contributions made to her campaign from individuals who work for utility companies that are regulated by her husband, Esty has demonstrated that she is a product of the Joe Lieberman school of politics and can not be trusted.

This post on Esty will focus on one of Esty's most outrageous lie that has not been challenged in the media...her stance on Paid Sick Leave.

Here's what the one-term LIEbercrat is telling the public NOW regarding her viewpoint on Paid Sick Leave.

Require paid sick leave. In Congress I will fight for a national law requiring paid sick leave.  I support the new law in Connecticut and believe it should be the model for a national measure.  The new law exempts small businesses under 50 employees and, unlike earlier versions that failed to pass, achieves the right balance of protecting workers without hurting small businesses, which are the key to job creation and growing our economy.

Sounds great right? There's is only one problem...during her one term as State Rep. when Paid Sick Leave WAS APPROVED in the House, she vehemently VOTED AGAINST IT.

On January 27 2009, HB 6187: HB 6187 - Requiring Paid Sick Leave was introduced in the House. On May 28 2009, although the bill was passed in the House, Esty and many in her ilk that proposed the Republican-Light budget voted against the proposal.

But wait, it gets better...

Unlike other Democrats who were against Paid Sick Leave, nearly a year after casting her NO vote, in her quest to appear "moderate" Esty went out of her way in making her hostility towards the proposal and the Democratic Party in general known to the public...and her angst caught the attention of of a gleeful Rick Green of the Hartford Courant.

April 27, 2010

Elizabeth Esty, a lawyer and mother of three turned state legislator from Cheshire, called to say she'd had it.


I grabbed my notebook and headed over to the Capitol, hoping to catch her before she recovered her party-approved talking points.

"The center is not being heard," Esty told me, launching into a lengthy list, from intractable unions to a misguided sick leave proposal and tax cuts for the wealthy. "What is happening in politics such that neither party is producing and supporting moderates?"

How so? She hears business leaders complain about how difficult this state can be, then watches fellow Democrats push for new mandates, such as state-imposed sick time rules... She knows that a state deficit projected to rise to $3 billion or higher in two years won't be overcome just by cutting jobs and services, even though that's all her Republican counterparts come up with.

Too bad she didn't mention to Green during her meltdown that her "moderate" alternative budget proposal in may ways mirrored the philosophy of the far right at the State Capitol, complete with of disastrous cuts to social programs for working families, the needy, and seniors while not asking residents who made over a million dollars to pay their fair share.

In short, regardless of the rhetoric Esty is now spewing to voters (e.g., she'll probably attempt to defend herself by stating that the bill that was signed into law by Gov. Malloy is different than the bill she voted against (which was not raised in the senate) ALTHOUGH the two bills are, in many ways, virtually identical), when it comes to Paid Sick Leave, when she had an opportunity "fight" for working families and/or offering modifications to the bill, Esty voted a resounding NO against the measure.

Do you want a person who, during her one term as State Rep. chastised Democrats, progressive activists who were looking out for the best interest of working families AND someone made a point out of calling the Paid Sick Leave proposal "misguided" repenting the Democratic Party in the general election in the fifth Congressional District?

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