After what seems like forever, Election Day is finally here. I am off to plant signs, and then greet voters waiting for the polls to open here in Pennsylvania. If you want to know opening and closing times of all the polls, click here for the list.

We knocked over 4000 doors since Saturday morning in my little corner of the world, and phoned almost 5000 additional homes. THANK YOU TO ALL at our staging location and others around the county. Many people said "but when I was out, someone had already left a door hanger...." and I told them that was from the local Dems. In other places, there were union hangers and interest groups -- I would ask them if they'd heard of the vaunted ground game and then say...this is it.

And it is. Our people will be out again today, knocking doors, making calls - today is the day it all comes together.

VOTE. (If you haven't already.)

We set the clocks back one hour on Saturday night. Let's not set our country back 50 years today.

Matt will kick off DCW's Election Night coverage at 4 - I'll be out and about all day.

Election Day - finally here.

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