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Poet Kane Smego - featured performer in San Diego, April 2015


Searching for Activist Poets and Poems

We're Getting the Voices OUT! wants to bring poetry into what has to date been a prose and photo journal focused on solution-driven thinking, passionate advocacy, open data, & transparent democracy. Our large network of political bloggers, journalists, and activists are playing important functions bringing information and resources to other progressives around the world, but we'd like to add the voices of poets who seek social and environmental justice.
Won't you please Contribute?
We begin our series in June, and we'll consider all submissions for immediate publication as they arrive. We'll have three contests (every other month until the end of the year), with $100 rewards. Judging will be done by our readers (over 150K/week) and results announced at the end of August, October, and December. We do not own the rights to anything, you maintain complete boss status. We just want you to be heard, seen, and felt. And we want to give you money. 
We also have a shared ad revenue model, so in the event that your poem goes viral, more cash!
Lastly, we'll be coupling the poems with street art photography - so if you have some shots you'd like to get out there, send us a thumbnail or link. We're also considering embedding spoken word audio performances, so let us know if you'd like to have that convo or have other compelling ways to affect change through digitzed poetic arsenals. Thank you for fighting the good fight.
Please send all submissions and queries to
The Poetry Store's Sylvi Alcivar sets up shop at the Social Venture Network Conf, April 2015 
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