Ed Whitfield, Mitt Romney, Mexico, Bain Capital, Mattel, Murray, Kentucky And 980 Jobs.

Murray is a city in Calloway County, Kentucky. It's part of Kentucky's 1st Congressional District and represented by Congressman Ed Whitfield. Calloway County is a Republican county. John McCain received 58.4% of the Calloway County vote in 2008 and Republican Congressman Ed Whitfield received 63.1% of the vote. In 2010 Republican Senator Rand Paul and Republican Congressman Ed Whitfield carried Calloway County handily.

I could care less how the folks in Murray, Kentucky vote and I won't feel sorry for them when their vote comes home to roost like it did for the folks in Mississippi when they elected Haley Barbour. But you would think they might take a little time from cheering on their Western Kentucky confederate flag hoisting friends to actually vote for a Congressman that resides in Kentucky.

I suspect Tuesday, November 6, 2012 the folks in Murray, Kentucky and Calloway County will go to the polls and vote for Mitt Romney. It won't matter that Mitt Romney and Bain Capital were "key financial investors" in Mattel 06/22/1999 and in less than 2 years 04/05/2001 plans were being made to move the Murray, Kentucky Mattel facility to Mexico and cost Murray, Kentucky 980 jobs.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012, I suspect, folks in Murray, Kentucky and Calloway County will go to the polls and vote for Congressman Ed Whitfield. It won't matter that Congressman Ed Whitfield is a Romney supporter and a Congressman, according to his own documents, that doesn't even reside in Kentucky unless 4356 Westover Place Washington, DC 20016 is part of Kentucky now days.

06/22/199/ Bain Capital And Mattel

Finally we also like that key financial investors in TLC, Thomas H. Lee Company, Bain Capital and Centre Partners, have 18 million Mattel shares and show no indication of wanting to sell. Looking at the long-term big picture, we are enthusiastic about the long-term implications of Mattel's diversification-minded acquisitions, which should reduce the company's dependence on any one brand in the future.

04/05/2001 Mattel, Murray, Ky. And 980 Jobs.

New York Times
Mattel Inc. will close its last United States manufacturing plant and lay off 980 workers to cut costs, the company said yesterday. The plant, in Murray, Ky., makes Fisher-Price toys. It will be shut down over the next 18 to 24 months, a spokeswoman, Lisa Marie Bongiovanni, said. Production will be moved to Mexico.

I Like I said, I could care less how the folks in Calloway County, Kentucky vote, but I feel obligated to let them know that voting for Mitt Romney and Ed Whitfield might not be in their best interest.




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