Gillespie Throws Hail Mary During MNF as VA Senate Campaign Runs Out of Cash: 'I'll Oppose the Anti-Redskins Bill'

According to the latest polling, the top priorities for Virginians are: 1) the economy (22 percent); 2) jobs/unemployment (13 percent); 3) budget/taxes and health care (tie, 9 percent); 5) leadership/gridlock (6 percent); and 6) education (5 percent).

So even though "Name of the NFL Franchise in DC" isn't listed, Ed Gillespie's campaign is running out of time and down by a score. Low on cash and down double digits in the polls with just days remaining, the GOP candidate had to throw a hail mary pass. With Dallas hosting Washington on Monday Night Football, Gillespie went on the record in a way that wasn't ostentatious or desperate at all:

Note what's NOT on that list of concerns? That's right, the name of the Washington NFL franchise. My guess is that it's probably a top priority for about, oh I dunno, 0.001 percent of Virginians? Yet this is what lobbyist "Enron Ed" Gillespie has chosen to focus his energies on during the final six days of this campaign? Can we say "utterly out of touch" or what?

Making matters worse, Gillespie seems to think that citing right-wing extremist, demagogue, and all-around buffoon Sean Hannity is something positive, in support of his staunch defense of the Washington NFL franchise's name, which many (albeit not a majority) believe is racist and/or derogatory and/or simply idiotic (I'd fall into pretty much all three categories, particularly the latter two).

By the way, note that by far the top-rated comments on Gillespie's own Facebook thread basically make the points noted above.

*"This country has much bigger issues than worrying about the name of a football team...The name of a football team should be the last thing on the minds of those in Washington." (35 "likes")

*"With all of the problems our country is experiencing I fail to see why a football team should be any of their concern?" (17 "likes")

And those are Gillespie's supporters saying that! Total #FAIL, get this guy off the stage.

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