'Those People' Can Just Go to the ER

The hits keep coming from Mitt Romney. Fresh off stating it is fair for himself to pay less in taxes than the rest of us he had a lot to outdo. But outdo it he did. It seems as if the agenda of greed and idiocy Romney was forced to adopt to run as the standard bearer of the lunatic right-wing party the Republicans have become is constantly painting him into a corner and he is forcing him to make completely ignorant statements to satisfy his increasingly rabid and ignorant or just plain greedy base.  
His latest whopper?? If you are uninsured just go to the ER:


PELLEY: Does the government have a responsibility to provide health care to the 50 million Americans who don't have it today?

ROMNEY: Well, we do provide care for people who don't have insurance, people - we- if someone has a heart attack, they don't sit in their apartment and die. We pick them up in an ambulance, and take them to the hospital, and give them care. And different states have different ways of providing for that care.

PELLEY: That's the most expensive way to do it...In an emergency room.

ROMNEY: Different, again, different states have different ways of doing that. Some provide that care through clinics. Some provide the care through emergency rooms. In my state, we found a solution that worked for my state. But I wouldn't take what we did in Massachusetts and say to Texas, "You've got to take the Massachusetts model."


Which is totally fitting for the modern Republican Party. They created a huge mess with our economy by their uncaring greed and with healthcare they know the same thing they knew as they crashed the economy in 2008 with their no-risk investments. Their sorry asses are covered and they do not have to worry about where their care will come from.

In fact the Romney solution for folks like me with no healthcare insurance is the very thing that has made healthcare costs so high for everyone:


Most people are shocked when they receive the bill for an emergency room trip. The average bill is $3000 or more. This is because every service and department of the hospital bills you.

You may also receive separate bills for tests or services from departments other than the emergency room. An example is if they need to call in a cardiac specialist, they will have their own bill. These costs can go up significantly if you need to be admitted or require surgery and often end up costing $10,000 or much more.


Of course this is just another completely ignorant statement forced by the rabid Republican right. They are so dead-set against everyone having the same rights as they do that they will suggest anything to prove their narrow world view correct.

The truth of the matter is that the ER is no solution for anyone. They take forever to get in and out of and are the most expensive care available. However, even this solution which drives up costs for everyone and truly bankrupts our country is better than them giving up their precious tax cuts for the betterment of their country.

Sadly though even many Democrats refuse to admit the real solution and fight for it. What is really needed in America is a single-payer system. Even in a capitalist system some things are simply too important to be turned over to vultures who care nothing for anything but profit.

Our healthcare is one of them.


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