East Coast Prepares to Find Nemo in 14 Inches of Snow

When The Weather Channel cites a storm as “Life-Threatening,” you tune in. When the storm is named “Nemo,” you laugh, and then you envision a fish flying through the sky in the Northeast. No? Okay, maybe it’s just me…either way, Nemo’s going to be one fat fish this weekend.

Here is what we know:

New York City

  • Blizzard warnings are in effect. Up to 18 inches of snow is possible in the metro area.
  • Wind gusts of more than 50 mph are possible tonight.
  • Amtrak's Northbound service out of Penn Station will be suspended after the departures of Northeast Regional train #86 at 12:30 p.m. and Acela Express train #2160 at 1:03 p.m.
  • Mayor Michael Bloomberg said plows and 250,000 tons of salt were being put on standby to start clearing streets.
  • All Broadway shows were scheduled to go on.

Takeaway: Everyone: stay home, but if you must go to a Broadway show, well, we won’t fault you.

Upstate New York

  • Conditions are deteriorating in Buffalo.
  • In Syracuse, flights to Washington, D.C., Cleveland, Newark, Chicago, and Boston have been cancelled. 
  • Central New York is expected to see 8 inches of snow by Saturday.

Takeaway: You should’ve been in New York City to see a Broadway show, now you’re stuck.


  • State of Emergency issued.
  • Snow has moved into the state more quickly than anticipated. It will become steadier and conditions will deteriorate rapidly into the afternoon.
  • Storm totals may exceed 2 feet in some areas with considerable blowing and drifting snow.
  • On the coast, wind gusts may reach 70 mph.
  • All subway, buses and commuter rail services will be suspended at 3:30 p.m. Friday. Gov. Deval Patrick asked all vehicles to stay off the roads after noon Friday.
  • Archdioceses of Boston in a news release urged worshipers to heed travel advisories and included a reminder that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass does not apply when there is grave difficulty involved.

Takeaway: God will still love you if you don’t go to church today. Amen.


  • 2 to 18 inches of snow possible in the city and up to 30 inches in the suburbs.
  • Wind gusts of up to 50 mph are expected.
  • Southbound Amtrak service out of South Station will be suspended after the departures of Northeast Regional train #137 at 1:40 p.m. and Acela Express train #2167 at 1:15 p.m.
  • City Hall is closed.
  • City shelters are open through the duration of the storm.
  • Snow removal fleet will be 600 vehicles strong.

​Takeaway: Same-sex couples should not plan on getting married Friday at City Hall.

New Jersey

  • Governor Christie opens State Emergency Operations Center.
  • Coastal flooding, high winds, sleet and snow will hit the state later today and Saturday. Up to 10 inches of snow is possible. An inch or two an hour may fall at times.
  • Gov. Chris Christie said 1,400 snow plows and 650 salt-spreader trucks are ready.
  • New Jersey State Police warned drivers that the Friday evening commute will be treacherous throughout much of the state.
  • NJ Transit busses and trains will cross-honor tickets on Friday and Saturday.
  • The Port Authority is assembling extra staff and equipment to keep airports, bridges and tunnels open.
  • All NY Waterway ferries are operating normally, but officials expect afternoon rush-hour service to being earlier than usual.

Takeaway: Coastal flooding and high winds expected but, please, take the NY Waterway ferry system today…

Rhode Island

  • State of Emergency issued.
  • All RIPTA service is now suspended.
  • Gov. Chafee orders all state offices to close at 1 p.m. for non-essential employees.
  • Up to 2 feet of snow with 60 mph wind gusts are anticipated. Whiteout conditions are expected as roads become snow-covered by this evening.
  • Police in Scituate are asking anyone who snowmobiles to lend them to the department during the storm for emergencies. If you have one to lend, call 401-821-5900.

​Takeaway: Up to 2 feet of snow is anticipated so, please, if you have a snowmobile taller than 2 feet, we need them.


  • Governor declares State of Emergency. Expect limited access to highways for the duration of the storm.
  • All flights out of Bradley International Airport were cancelled after 1:30 p.m. Friday.
  • There were reports of gas stations running low or out of gasoline.
  • Snow started falling in Hartford about 8:56 a.m. Friday.  Accumulations of 1 to 2 feet of snow are possible, with some areas getting more.
  • A parking ban is in effect in Hartford. Police will tow any vehicle parked on a city street.
  • Out-of-state utility crews are moving in to help.
  • Connecticut Light & Power employees are setting up in pre-staged locations across the state so they can be deployed quickly.
  • State police and state DOT are asking people to stay off the roads during the storm.

Takeaway: We’re trying really hard to keep your lights and cable on and will even take resources from nearby states to make sure it happens.

New Hampshire

  • Coastal flood watches have been issued. With astronomical high tides, a 2.5-foot storm surge is possible.
  • Liberty Utilities has initiated an emergency readiness plan in anticipation of Nemo.
  • Concord's biggest snowfall on record was 27.5 inches in the Blizzard of 1888. That storm is followed by 22.5 inches in a December 2003 storm and 22.2 inches in the Halloween nor'easter of 2011.

Takeaway: Eat the bait, Nemo, we’re getting you out of the water one way or another…even if we have to raise the tide to do it.


  • Between 9 to 14 inches of new snow is forecast.  
  • Winds may gust up to 30 mph in some places, especially near the later stages of the storm. That wind will be strong enough to create quite a bit of blowing and drifting snow.
  • Several flights at Burlington International Airport were cancelled. The Amtrak Vermonter, which travels between Springfield, Mass. and St. Albans, was cancelled as well.
  • There's a parking ban in Burlington in commercial areas until 6 a.m. Saturday. Motorists can park in the city's parking garages for free during the ban.

Takeaway: Park in the garage at your own risk, but if your car is buried in our 9-14 inches of snow, we’ll keep it until it thaws.


  • Forecasters are predicting Nemo could be the largest snowstorm to hit parts of Maine since 1979.
  • The weather is blamed for a 19 car pile-up in Falmouth.
  • Transportation officials warned travelers to allow extra time Friday, or just stay at home.
  • Several flights scheduled to leave the Portland International Jetport on Friday afternoon -- for Newark, New York and Washington, D.C. -- were cancelled.

Takeaway: When your airport is named a Jetport – stay home.

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