Facebook Fans 'Like' Ashley Judd Over McConnell for KY Senate

It looks like the Draft Ashley Judd Facebook page is kicking the Senator Mitch McConnell's Facebook page in the butt.

The following graphic was sent to us from the blog Hillbilly Report.

Should the Kentucky native decide to run, she might just have a chance...if Facebook is any indication...


According to some of the Facebook comments (unedited: note the misspellings galore):

For Judd:

Hannah Hoch Whilde Run Ashley, run! (I want to watch McConnell squirm...)

Ditch Mitch McConnell Ashley Judd the decision to run or not to run is up to you. However if you do decide to run please be advised that we've got your back and remember this: Be yourself and don't cave to the Republican Party and/or the Democratic Party, because we love you just the way you are.


Ray Reese The most important race in 2014 offers the real possibility of Ashley Judd defeating Mitch McConnell. All of us need to donate whatever we can to literally change the face of the Senate.

Opposed to Judd:

Michael Self Hollywood is the same as the big company lobbyists. There are no differences. Actors are tools for million dollar producers and Hollywood elitists and play off people's attachment to pop culture stars. You complain about about the 1% having too much control of Washington. I'm doing the same thing.. I don't want a Hollywood senator.. I want a person who actually lives within my state and who actually relates to the middle class. Ashley Judd does not. She is no different than the people she opposes.

Lucy M Pinkerton Oh heck, I will give you that. Hollywood elite Ronald Reagan was a terrible politician. After all, we are still recovering from Reaganomics. What else? He hated unions, loved crack and was extremely allergic to even saying AIDS. 

Chadwick Hurlburt Come on folks. Given McConnel and Judd, even I would vote for McConnel. You liberals really need to do some soul searching for canidates.

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