Down to the Wire

In a statistical anomaly, our staging area knocked 1,143 doors on Sunday, which is the exact number knocked on Saturday, although they were different doors! We are hopeful and determined and we will be out again today!

I know a lot of the people who volunteer. Some are fellow political junkies who I see all the time for various things. Some are friends who fall into that first category, and some are friends who have never worked an election before (or, yes really, used to be Republican political junkies). There are also familiar faces I haven't seen since 2008. And of course, a host of people who are now new friends and comrades-in-arms. 

When people return from canvassing, they add up their totals, which I enter, and then, if there's time (we're often pretty busy, but there's always room for more canvassers!) we talk polls. And the polls are encouraging, if tight. We talk about our sleepless night reviewing poll data, and discuss the likely voter models. I could write a 3,000 word treatise on likely voter models, the differences between how Democrats and Republicans calculate, but either you already know (fellow junkies) or your eyes would glaze over. 

So here's the bottom line: it's all about turnout. The higher the turnout, the more correct our screens. The people in Florida and Ohio who waited 6, 7, 8, 9 hours on miles-long lines? Those are people that the Republicans do NOT count in their likely voter screens. They fail to realize the dedication and determination of those of us who consider voting beyond an obligation -- it's something we'll do anything to accomplish. Those of us to whom the right to vote is precious. 

Want to help, but can't canvass? Call people you know. Click here for a phone list of your friends and family. Make sure that they are voters tomorrow (and in some places today.) By the way, there is the option in Jersey to vote today at county clerk's offices, and by email for those in areas afflicted by Hurricane Sandy. Click here if that's you. 

So that's it for now -- I'm off to go field canvassers...and my hat is off to these people - it's cold here. No one complains - they come back with happy stories about voters they've spoken with, and new volunteers. I love canvassing! I am pleased to make the contribution of fielding people, but still sad that my knee is delicate, and I can't put the miles on it. Thanks also to the people phone banking - it matters!

Please come join us - whether from our local staging area, or the one near your house, or even using the dial from home programs -- let's get our voters out tomorrow! 

Elections are won one voter at a time.
Get yours today.


Yesterday, I was at my post fielding canvassers and a man walked in. I was sitting at a desk, and noticed that he was wearing an Obama tee shirt. I said hello, and I asked his name, and he was taken aback that I didn't recognize him. As soon as I looked at his face, I cried "DAN!" (I hadn't looked above chest level...) Yes, it was your own Philadelphia Jewish Voice publisher! Dan and I email probably half a dozen times a day, 6 days a week (not Saturday) but we rarely see one another. I asked if he'd mind an area with long driveways, and he pointed out that he'd canvassed West Virginia, where there were long driveways, and they weren't paved. AND it was raining. Dan had tracked out to our Chester County location because his area is solid, and we need the help. I send great thanks to a real trooper and a great guy. 

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