Don't Call It A Comeback

The Courier Post took on the alternate universe that is the world according to Christie when it comes to the Jersey Blowback that has seen unemployment rise to nearly 10%:

At carnivals they have those rides with names like the "Scrambler" and the "Gravitron" that spin you around so much that when you step off the ride, left is right and up is down.

That's the level of spin coming out of Trenton right now about the latest unemployment numbers. The number that matters most - the overall official unemployment rate in New Jersey - rose yet again in August to 9.9 percent. That's the highest New Jersey has seen in three decades and a clear sign that things are not well here.

The Courier then took the release announcing the numbers to task:

The press release from Gov. Chris Christie's state Department of Labor and Workforce Development reads like it was spit out of a tone-deaf, corporate public relations machine. It oozes positivity in the face of what is, at best, a mixed bag of economic news and at worst, a troubling sign of economic backsliding.

The release reads like it was spit out of a tone deaf, corporate public relations machine because it was, but it's still good for the Courier to point it out. The editorial summed things up and closed with this:

With official unemployment at 9.9 percent and unofficial unemployment surely much higher, it really is time for the governor to be honest and put away his "Jersey comeback" concept, at least until the scoreboard actually shows our state catching up.

That's right Governor, it's time to be honest. More of this from the media please. You get the same theme from the Democratic Governor's Association in this video about Christie's failed results not matching his soaring rhetoric:

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