Donovan urged to stay on Working Families Party line

At this point, if the general election was today, there is no way Elizabeth Esty would come out victorious against Andrew Roraback. Between countless conversations I've had with union members, progressive groups, state lawmakers, and fifth district DTC members, Esty is in DEEP trouble.

With most of the grumblings are happening behind the scenes, the intense opposition towards Esty is starting to boil over into the public and Jon Lender's piece in the Courant only scratches the surface when

Recently, Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut President Juan Figueroa sent this message to supporters.

On Tuesday, bold progressive Chris Donovan congratulated opponent Elizabeth Esty for her victory in the Democratic congressional primary. But he's not technically out of the race yet.

That's because the Working Families Party has a line on the November ballot, and Chris won the Working Families Party nomination. This ballot line is reserved for candidates who have a real commitment to the issues of importance to working families -- the issues that Chris has successfully championed for years.

One local activist was quoted this week as saying Chris should give up the Working Families Party nomination.

But the real issue is that whomever takes on Republican Andrew Rohrbach this November will have no chance of winning unless they campaign on popular, progressive principles -- like promising no cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Click here to thank Chris Donovan for a lifetime of fighting for working families, and urge him to stay on Working Families Party line until Elizabeth Esty publicly campaigns on the popular progressive issues needed to win.

On many of core issues of importance to working families, Elizabeth Esty's position is unclear -- hurting Democrat's chances in November.

Chris clearly opposed any cuts to Medicare and Social Security benefits, including raising the retirement age and means testing. He addressed our broken democracy by supporting a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and a federal version of Connecticut's Clean Elections law. And he stood up for unions and pledged to support the Employee Free Choice Act.

In order for Democrats to win this seat in November, Elizabeth Esty needs to address these issues of importance to working families.

Join us in thanking Chris for standing on principle, and ask him to hold on to his Working Families Party ballot line until Elizabeth Esty proves she will fight for working families.

Thanks for being a bold progressive,

Juan Figueroa

As I stated here and on Twitter, one person is responsible for this mess and it's NOT Chris Donovan. Elizabeth Esty would had probably won the primary WITHOUT trashing Donovan's progressive principles...the same principles a majority of Democrats in the 5th believed in (e.g., state budget, Paid Sick Leave).

If the adults in the room don't get together and make the deal, you will definitely see a repeat of 1992 and the amazing coalition Chris Murphy formed in the district will be shattered.

...I think I'm going to be sick.

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