Donovan the spoiler?

Remember when I said this about Chris Donovan and Elizabeth Esty:

...these two people better place their attack dogs back in the kennel and patch things up or else we'll be saying Congressman Roraback in Nov.

Well, recent developments doesn't give me any optimism when it comes to the district staying blue.

Here's the problem...

As of now, Donovan's name will still appear on the November ballot under the Working Families Party line and Donovan is the only person who can remove his name from the ballot.

It didn't go unnoticed that Donovan didn't mention Esty's name in his concession speech nor did it go unnoticed that he did not give any indication on whether or not he would remove his name from the general election ballot.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Working Families Party released this statement:

US Senate candidate Chris Murphy and several State Senate and Assembly candidates backed by the Connecticut Working Families Party have made it through their primaries to the general election in November.

"Congratulations to Chris Murphy for winning his primary today" said Lindsay Farrell,  Executive Director of the Connecticut Working Families Party. "We're already geared up to elect Murphy to the Senate in November. In the House, Chris Murphy fought for an economy that works for everyone. That's what we need in the Senate."

"While it doesn't look like Chris Donovan will win the Democratic nomination, we are proud of the work we've done for working families champions in a hectic and crowded primary season. We've worked hard for both Chris Murphy and Chris Donovan, and built a stronger grassroots movement. Going forward, we'll look at all the candidates and stand by the one who can best fight for working families, as we always do."

It didn't go unnoticed that the WFP didn't mention Esty's name or call for Donovan to remove his name from the ballot, which is why Connecticut Democratic Party Chairwoman released her unity statement.

Then comes this...

Chris Donovan may not have received the Democratic nomination Tuesday, but his name will still appear on the ballot in November under the Working Families Party line.

Donovan has not said whether he would support the Democratic nominee Elizabeth Esty and it's unclear if he will take his campaign any further.

"Chris is going to go on vacation and the campaign will not have any comment until he returns," Gabe Rosenberg, Donovan's campaign spokesman, said Wednesday evening. He's expected to be gone for a week or less.


Democratic party leaders have privately expressed concern about the potential for another three-way race. It's thought that Donovan could siphon off enough votes from Esty to cost the party a seat they've held for the past six years under U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy.

Make no mistake about it, Donovan's name on the ballot will ABSOLUTELY result in the Democrats losing the  district. After trashing a state budget that was supported by the Democratic establishment and casting votes which were extremely unpopular among progressive groups, and giving the green light to her attack dogs to viciously smear Donovan's leadership as Speaker of the House, Esty is going to have a hard enough time swaying Donovan supporters to jump on her bandwagon and assist in her desperately needed GOTV operations...and she'll need their support if she has any chance in coming close to beating Andrew Roraback.

If Donovan's name remains on the ballot, Esty is toast. While I can't see Donovan playing the role of the spoiler, his silence regarding removing his name from the ballot has a LOT of people at Democratic Headquarters concerned. If Esty and Donovan don't come together for the good of the party, we might as well start recruiting Mary Glassman to run against Congressman Roraback in 2014.

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