Donovan new ad highlights Esty's "Republican-Light" voting record

With a week until the primary, Chris Donovan FINALLY releases a TV ad that points out Elizabeth Esty's horrendous anti-progressive, anti-working family voting record.

As outlined on this site, during her short stint at the State Capitol, Esty led the charge against a sensible Democratic pro-working families budget proposal that spared cuts to social programs for the poor and asked those making over one million dollars to pay their fair share. Instead, Esty sided with the Republicans Party and presented an "alternative" proposal that in many ways mirrored the nonsense Gov. Rowland-Rell and State Minority Leader Larry Cafero  proposed...complete with painfully deep cuts to Medicaid, Husky health funding, and education while giving the rich a pass.

Although this is a decent ad, Esty's "Republcian-Light" voting record is something Donovan (and Roberti) should had pounced on time and time again. The more Democratic primary voters learn about the real Esty, the more they might have reservations about her representing the Democratic Party in the general election.

Hopefully Donovan has another ad on deck that will point out Esty's hypocrisy when it comes to her so-called "support" for Family Sick Leave.

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