Donovan links Esty to Ryan

Funny how she fits in with "the crowd."

Pointing to the similarities in Paul Ryan's God-Awful economic philosophy and Elizabeth Esty's Republican-Light anti-progressive budget proposal, Chris Donovan released the following statement regarding Mitt Romney's running mate.

"Paul Ryan authored the extreme Republican plan to turn Medicare over to the health insurance companies and Social Security over to Wall Street, while giving more tax giveaways to millionaires and big oil.   Democrats can win this year only if we highlight this contrast for voters and promise not to cut programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security."

"I'm the only candidate that can make that case and win in November because I am the only candidate in this race with a record of fighting for and protecting programs for seniors and children in the state House. My opponent, former Representative Elizabeth Esty, proposed a plan to cut these programs instead of asking millionaires to pay a bit more in taxes. Connecticut families deserve someone in Congress who will fight for them, not for millionaires and corporate interests."

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