Obama Ad: Don’t be Fooled by the 'New' Mitt Romney

In this ad for President Obama, people were asked to read allowed Mitt Romney's quotes on such hot button issues as women's rights, tax cuts, and health insurance from various points in the election and in one case over the course of a single day.  The people also speculated on which position may actually be his "real" position and what would cause a candidate to vary his positions so widely.

It's no surprise that Mitt Romney's positions have changed over the course of his political career, but the drastic changes he's made to his plans and positions for the national audience of the debate were astounding.  What's worse, there was no explanation and no incremental move towards those changes.  Just a "reset button" as described by the Romney Campaign's Senior Advisor Eric Fehrnstrom during a segment on CNN when asked about Romney's extreme views during the primaries by John Fugelsang.  This was also the famous "etch-o-sketch" interview that has followed the candidate around and has replaced "flip-flopper" in many of the descriptions of his positions.

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