Charlotte 2012 - Photos From The Convention Floor

If you're not a delegate and relying on the limited number of floor passes for access to the convention floor, the earlier you request one, the better your chances.  I got mine before the gavel even came down and spent a great half hour wandering the floor, chatting with the few Alabama delegates who had arrived, and mingling some with the "big time" media types.

Here's a Thursday photo diary for you to enjoy while we turn the car towards home - and all the work that's waiting after a weeklong political "vacation"....

Standing directly in front on the stage/podium.  Quite an awesome sight, yes?

More on the flip!

Some random Fox News guy doing standup.  Anyone recognize him?  I never watch...

Delegates with turbans - way cool!

Wolf Blitzer. He had stepped on my foot about 10 minutes earlier in the crush of people - and apologized.  You can tell he's quite sorry!  :-)

Media workspace inside the Time Warner arena:

Stage view from the print press gallery (newspapers & magazines), where I wasn't supposed to be, but nobody challenged me so I sat down to enjoy the great view for a bit...

Here I am at the Alabama delegation placard.  The traffic was terrible with the rain & rush hour & many delegate buses were delayed.  Also, this was taken at about 4pm Eastern, so people were just filing in & taking their seats.

These two Alabama delegates were already in position and quite excited!

A look at the TV media setup from down on the floor.

Roboticcats blogging from Sweet Home AlObama. 

We have lots more video to cut & post, but that takes a lot of time & energy.  Stay tuned & wish us luck on the drive home!


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