Disturbing WWE image (under Linda's watch) of the day

Excerpt from the anti-WWE documentary Wrestling with Manhood

Back in 2003...before Linda McMahon expressed any interest in running for office... the Media Education Foundation produced a film, "Wrestling With Manhood" that was a critical study of the salacious representation of women and the glorification of the abuse of women in the WWE.  MEF Executive Director, Sut Jhally and anti-sexist activist, Jackson Katz laid out, in excruciating detail, the case that WWE events were promoting the debasement of women, gays and even men in ways that are difficult to ignore.

The videos are very difficult for anybody to watch...but they are especially disturbing to women because they are the most stark representations of a male world where women are diminished, defiled and dismissed.. and, thus affirms their experiences and their greatest fears.  These clips are difficult...probably impossible... to explain away as "gotcha" and campaign sandbagging.

We offer these excerpts from that film, not as a campaign smear, but as an indictment separate from the comparatively trivial Senate race in Connecticut.  The issues raised by "Wrestling With Manhood" need to be reckoned with... by us all.  What do they say about us as a society that supposedly aspires to be just?

Linda McMahon must address these performances that made her wealthy enough to fund her own campaign...whether she wins or not.  Their stain cannot be purged from our minds with a cease and desist order.  There must be an accounting beyond a campaign finance report, because she was complicit in nurturing and profiting from the exploitation of the worst aspects of who we can be and have been.

This film represents something much more than a mere campaign liability.  It's a shame.

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