Did Barletta Pull A BonusGate?

Gene Stilp made his name going around the region with a giant pink pig designed to shame public servants who were greedy.  BonusGate was his major issue and he railed against those elected officials who used taxpayer resources for political purposes.  Now he's running for Congress against Lou Barletta.  They had a debate the other night and the Congressman didn't have the balls to show up.  Instead he sent staffer Shawn Kelly.  Kelly isn't on Lou's campaign he is a taxpayer paid Congressional staffer.  Taxpayer compensated employees doing political work on the public dime is illegal and the fuel on which Stilp has made his name by focusing on it.  How stupid do you have to be then to send such a staffer to debate him?

If it turns out any public funds were expended to send Kelly to this debate (cars, meals, cell phone use, etc) then Lou Barletta broke the law.  Interestingly Gort 42 says that when he contacted Kelly in the past about political questions the staffer correctly said he couldn't respond.  That ethical stand obviously didn't last for long.  Did Kelly violate the Hatch Act?  It certainly appears so.

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