"The DFL cannot avoid making a choice"

Hamline University professor David Schultz, a go-to figure for political analysis in Minnesota, sees four different routes the DFL could take on equal marriage. The whole piece is worth a read, but I don't want to get into the details of any of Schultz's scenarios at the moment. Instead, I want to highlight a simple point he made in summing up his analysis:

All four options carry risks and the DFL cannot avoid making a choice.

That's exactly right. The DFL must make a choice one way or another; even the decision to do nothing is a choice.

We can analyze the risks of the various possible strategies ad nauseum, but we can never be sure which is the safest route to take. For example, legalizing marriage may hurt with older voters, but not legalizing it will hurt with younger voters.

We can't be sure which route will be politically safest, be we can be sure which is the most principled. Since all of the choices come with risks, why not do the right thing?

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