MI Budget Literally Kills Kids, Hacks Off Funds For Infant Mortality Program

Michigan Republicans have literally decided to start killing kids. Governor Rick Snyder eliminated $6.5 million from the budget, money allocated to a hospital to fight infant mortality. The Republican-led state Congressional committee also refused to put the funds in the budget.

Lansing — A legislative budget committee on Tuesday eliminated $6.5 million for efforts to reduce infant mortality at Hutzel Women’s Hospital in Detroit under a $16.5 billion spending plan for the state Department of Community Health.

The Detroit Medical Center has lobbied hard for the continued state assistance, which has been used for a decade to draw about $13.5 million in federal funding for a one-of-a-kind research and treatment program for premature babies born to Detroit mothers.

Detroit's infant mortality rate has been described as Third World in scope. The Detroit News even noticed, and editorialized not for greater access to health care or prenatal care but against co-sleeping. 

Sen. Vincent Gregory, D-Southfield, said elimination of the funding for Hutzel reflects the GOP majority’s priorities.

“The budget speaks to the priorities of the state of Michigan,” Gregory told The Detroit News. “If you don’t put the money in, it means it’s not a priority.”

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