Detroit News: Beliefs of People Who Run Adoption Agencies Are More Important Than Children

One possible takeaway from a bill moving through Michigan's legislature is that when it comes to adoptions, the religious beliefs of people who run adoption agencies are more important than the well being of the children to be adopted.

The bills would guarantee private adoption agencies working on state contracts would be protected from rules that could compromise their religious or moral convictions.


Among those who spoke to oppose the legislation was Jay Kaplan. He’s an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union. He says these bills would make it legal for private adoption agencies to discriminate against qualified adoptive parents even if it was not in the best interest of a child.

Among the possible examples he outlined, he described, “A Jewish adoption agency could refuse to place a medically needy child into a Lutheran home of medical professionals. A loving aunt could be turned away from adopting her nephew because she is divorced or single. An agency may believe that women should raise a child and as a consequence deny any placements to a male caregiver.”

The ACLU feels this is using public money to discriminate based on religious beliefs.

So, in other words, public money could be used to discriminate, not just against homosexuals but against anyone if they can tie it to a "religious or moral belief." If you are a Southern Baptist who runs a private adoption agency and who believes that the Jews murdered Jesus, and you were contracted by the state to find a home for a Jewish baby, you could reject a Jewish family member who wanted to adopt that child on the grounds that you think Jews murdered Jesus.

The Detroit News officially thinks this is great.


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