MI Republican Conspiracist Lists Party Members Complicit in 'Homosexual and Stealth Jihad Agenda'

Heedless of their national party's attempts to re-brand, Michigan Republicans can't help stepping in it:

In case you missed it, the Delta County Republican Party has published its list of Michigan Republicans who have “blatantly surrendered to the homosexual and stealth jihad agenda.”

The list is rather extraordinary because it includes most of the top Republicans in the state. When it was placed on Facebook by the GOP folks from Delta County (located in the Upper Peninsula) it was “shared” by Doug Sedenquist, the tea party bad boy from Escanaba.

The list of Republicans who've "blatantly surrendered to the homosexual and stealth jihad agenda" includes Dave Coulter, Ferndale's mayor. And a Democrat.

The source is Doug Sedenquist, the warmly-embraced member of the Michigan Repubican Party state central committee charged twice now with using a computer to stalk his ex-wife in two states (and in one case, pulling a gun on police). He's also the same guy who last week devastated the professional reputations of Teh Demas, Chad Selweski, Kathy Hoekstra and Ken Braun by calling them "presstitutes" on Facebook, and the same guy who called Tom Casperson a piece of shit on Facebook. You'd think they'd boot him off the state central committee, but they refuse to, so they must think that the things he says and does are great.

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