Tracking Numbers: Latino Voters Furious at VA Delegate's Proposed 'FedEx' Immigration Solution

Current Virginia Delegate Barbara Comstock, a Republican (obviously), has an interesting new way of keeping track of immigrants coming through our borders. At a debate Thursday, she proposed – in typical pro-business fashion – to treat these human beings like FedEx packages. 

Unsurprisingly enough, this didn't sit well with Northern Virginia's large and varied Latino population. 

The Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia (DLOV)  – an organization dedicated to supporting candidates who embrace policies that benefit the Latino Community of Virginia – and Virginia Delegate Alfonso Lopez issued the following statements condemning Comstock and calling for her to apologize to the Latino community:  

Statement From Dadly Cordero Terán, Spokesperson for DLOV: 

"With Barbara Comstock's FedEx/immigrant tracking statement, it seems Virginia Republicans are either going out of their way to deliver the next great right wing bumper sticker or auditioning to be shock jocks on AM radio. Between this and Ken Cuccinelli referring to immigrants as ‘rats’, perhaps they're actually campaigning for votes on Last Comic Standing because they've gone beyond insensitivity into outright ridiculousness. This is a joke, right?"

Statement from Virginia Delegate Alfonso Lopez:

"Considering the significant demographic shifts and the increase in the number of immigrants and New Americans in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District and throughout the Commonwealth, these comments are incredibly insensitive. Delegate Comstock has shown that she lacks a fundamental understanding of our immigration system.  We need serious Members of Congress who will debate and support comprehensive immigration reform without relying on unthinking and dehumanizing statements."

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