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It's hard to turn on a TV, look at an internet site, pick up a periodical and not be exposed to the expectations game for tonight's debate. It seems to me that this debate is less about two men facing one another like, oh, Lincoln and Douglas or Kennedy and Nixon, or your even high school debate club, and more about the media circus. 

A few things I've noticed...rumor has it that there will be 3,200 debate parties tonight. I found a Romney one in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Huh. There are a lot of social media options: you can even watch on an xbox and win some avatar, in addition to the live blogs and tweets. It will be interesting to see how many people tune in. It would be stunning if the debate actually changed anyone's mind. But hey, I know two undecided voters - there must be more. Not a lot of them, although I'm convinced Chris Christie is one of them. 

Still, I'm looking forward. What are you looking forward to?


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