In the Win Column: Dartmouth Rescinds Job Offer to Anti-Gay Bishop

They'll sweep the "Crips and Bloods" costume party embarrassment under the rug, but Dartmouth College has taken back its job offer to Anglican Bishop James Tengatenga, now deemed inconvenient to serve as head of the College's Tucker Foundation due to his record of anti-gay rhetoric. 

[Dartmouth President Philip] Hanlon, who met last week with Tengatenga on Dartmouth's campus in Hanover, N.H.,said in a statement Wednesday that after much reflection and consultation with senior leaders at the college, he decided that Tengatenga's past statements compromised his ability to lead the William J. Tucker Foundation.

"The foundation and Dartmouth's commitment to inclusion are too important to be mired in discord over this appointment," Hanlon said.

If its "commitment to inclusion" was so important, somebody at Dartmouth should have Googled "Tengatenga" and "gay marriage" before offering the job, given the highly publicized intra-Anglican battles of recent years. Trouble could have certainly been avoided with a little research.

The Bishop would have saved himself, as well.

Tengatenga... had already resigned his diocesan post and expressed public support for gay marriage after receiving the Dartmouth post.

That belated public support wasn't enough to keep his Big Green Sinecure, but it's likely to cause him some problems among his former brethren in the Intolerant Wing of the Anglican Communion.

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