DANGER!Tea Party Now " Heart Beat " Away

Romney's first major decision was to put the Tea Party and their philosophy one step away from the most powerful position on the planet.

Romney's constant flip flopping is one thing but Ryan is NOT a flip flopper.

Can you imagine a Ryan presidency with a GOP congress?

The Tea Party has grown from a sideshow into a position where they can transform a whole country.Their plan is working!

Romney has made a very serious error. He is not a Tea Party person ,however his horrible decision on a VP pick has now elevated that group to one medical problem away from running this country.

Say what you want about Christie,but one thing is for sure,he is not a Tea Party person.

The whole direction of what has occured in the past 75 years in this country now rides on this election.

Should Romney win we must pray everyday that he remains healthy because he has putthe " wing nuts" next in line.

The Tea Party one heart beat away........  

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