Dallas Effectively Bans Fracking

Photo by dherrera_96 / Flickr

Dallas has banned almost all fracking in city limits. Oil companies have been lobbying for more access to the Barnett Shale, but the city council listened to experts who showed that it's simply unsafe for Dallas' residents.

Zach Trahan, with the Dallas chapter of the Texas Campaign for the Environment, said: "The ordinance that passed today was not perfect. It has weaknesses.  But it's a huge, huge step in the right direction and we're very pleased the mayor and council voted to approve the ordinance."

The council voted 9-6 for the ordinance banning fracking within 1500 feet of protected areas. The mayor favored the ordinance.

"I think this is about making sure people are protected in their neighborhoods," council member Carolyn Davis told KERA News. "It is the right thing to do.

Industry representatives whined and whined to the press about how this ordinance...restricts their ability to drill.

"You just can't drill under these conditions," gas industry representative Dallas Cothrum told CBS DFW. "It'd require more than 250-acres of property and in an urban area it's just not possible."

Yeah, that's the point.

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