Christie's Fall From Grace Complete: Behind Even NY Gov Cuomo In Run for President

Back in the fall Chris Christie was close or even ahead of Hillary Clinton among NJ voters asked who they would support in 2016 for President.  This was seen as proof that Christie had the kind of bipartisan support that would lead the GOP back to the POTUS promised land.

Then Bridget Ann Kelly's e-mail calling for traffic in Fort Lee hit and Christie lost support among everyone (including Republicans) save the far right, and his numbers fell far below Clinton's.

But now it's even worse.  Christie is not only far behind Clinton now, but he's a point behind New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In the aftermath of the George Washington Bridge scandal, Gov. Christie has not only taken a hit in his personal ratings but also in his presidential chances for 2016, at least with New Jersey voters. In a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll January 14-19, 2014, NJ registered voters give a clear lead to Hillary Clinton over Christie, while making it close between Christie and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, when asked about potential 2016 matchups.

Clinton is a clear favorite in the "blue" state of New Jersey. Only 34 percent of NJ registered voters say that they would vote for Christie if the election were today, while 55 percent support Clinton. The potential Christie-Cuomo race, on the other hand, is neck-and-neck: 41 percent favor Christie while 42 percent would vote for Cuomo.


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