CT SEN: SEIU released first ad against McMahon

Today, SEIU released their first TV ad in the US Senate race which will air on Spanish language stations.


Today the 65,000 Connecticut members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announced they will begin airing a new Spanish language television ad in the state's hotly contested U.S. Senate race.

"Linda McMahon is trying to remake herself as a Connecticut moderate, but her past indicates she would go to Washington and rubberstamp the extremist, anti-Latino, Tea Party agenda," said Juan Hernandez, Asst. District leader for SEIU Local 32BJ. "Latino and working families need someone in the Senate who will fight for us and that's why I'm voting Chris Murphy for Senate."

The ad is the first independent expenditure Spanish language advertising in support of Representative Chris Murphy's Senate campaign. The ad will be on air through Election Day and can be heard in the New Haven and New York City markets.

In the ad, two friends discuss Linda McMahon's support for eliminating the Department of Education, cutting or ending vital programs like Pell Grants, student loans, Head Start and special education programs. This will block children from having the access to quality educational opportunities that will help move America forward and help them achieve their dreams. Instead, McMahon wants to give more tax breaks and giveaways to millionaires like her.

Here' the audio (and transcript) of the ad.


(Spanish and English)

Elena:             ¡Hola Marta!

Marta:             Hola Elena.

Elena:             ¿Estás bien? ¿A los niños les va bien en la escuela?

Marta:             Sí, a ellos les va muy bien. Sólo estoy preocupada por lo que escuché en la radio manejando acá para verte.

Elena:             ¿Qué escuchaste?

Marta:             Escuché que Linda McMahon consideraría eliminar el Departamento de Educación si es elegida al Senado.

Elena:             ¿Qué?!

Marta:             ¡Imagínate! Eso terminaría programas vitales como las becas Pell, Head Start y la educación especial.

Elena:             ¡Eso sería horrible! Nuestros hijos dependen de esos programas.

Marta:             Pero eso no es todo. Mientras cortaría programas para nuestros niños, Linda McMahon reduciría los impuestos para millonarios como ella.

Elena:             Esto es muy mal. Yo definitivamente votaré en estas elecciones pero jamás votaré por Linda McMahon.

Marta:             ¡Estoy completamente de acuerdo! ¡Hay que votar!

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Elena:             Martha, hi!

Marta:             Hi Elena.

Elena:             Are you ok? Are the kids doing well in school?

Marta:             Yeah, they are doing great. I'm just worried about what I heard on the radio driving over here to meet you.

Elena:             What did you hear?

Marta:             I heard Linda McMahon would consider eliminating the Department of Education if she's elected as Senator.

Elena:             What??

Marta:             Imagine! It could end vital programs like Pell Grants and student loans, Head Start and special education.

Elena:             That would be horrible! Our kids depend on these programs.

Marta:             But that's not all. While cutting these programs for our kids, Linda McMahon would give millionaires like herself tax breaks.

Elena:             This is so wrong. I am definitely voting this year, and I am definitely NOT voting for Linda McMahon

Marta:             I agree completely! We have to vote!

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