CT Dems to Linda "Releases New Offensive Footage"

The WWE's scrubbing of their past to protect their former CEO is getting ridiculous. TOday, the Connecticut Democratic Party released the following statement regarding Linda McSham's hiding her past.

The Connecticut Democratic Party today called on the WWE to release tapes from former wrestling CEO Linda McMahon's "Attitude Era" that it is concealing until the former executive's campaign is over.  The WWE has spent weeks frantically protecting McMahon's campaign by scrubbing the Internet of sexually explicit and extremely violent videos produced during her tenure as CEO, and has continued deleting clips of offensive WWE scenes released by the Connecticut Democratic Party.

The Party has also released a new clip from Linda McMahon's tenure at the WWE, which depicts McMahon's husband and daughter abusing a woman with a mop and a substance that the ring announcer describes as "the most hideous smell I've ever smelled."

"After Linda McMahon peddled this disgusting content to Connecticut children, she's now using the millions she made by demeaning women and promoting extreme violence to cover up her past." said Nancy DiNardo, Chairwoman of the Connecticut Democratic Party.  "Connecticut voters deserve to know the facts about how Linda McMahon made the hundreds of millions of dollars she's using to try to buy a seat in the United States Senate for the second time in two years.  The WWE should stop this obvious attempt to cover up her record of selling sex and violence to children."

According to a Journal Inquirer story published Monday, the WWE will release a three-disc set of clips from the self-styled "Attitude Era," marketed to children and young men, two weeks after Election Day.  A WWE spokesman refused to confirm whether material recently scrubbed from the internet, including "scenes of simulated heterosexual and lesbian sex, simulated necrophilia, and debasement and humiliation, including against a character portrayed as mentally disabled" would be included in the new package.

McMahon made millions at the WWE by producing these and similar scenes that depicted women being beaten and demeaned, all while laying off workers and denying health and disability benefits to her employees.

Last week, the WWE deleted videos that showed McMahon's husband ordering a female employee to "bark like a dog" and strip down to her underwear and two female wrestlers engaging in sexually explicit activity before being assaulted by two men.  Both scenes took place in front of crowds that included children as spectators.

McSham talks about transparency yet she is actively scrubbing the internet of her history?

The people have a right to know how McSham made her millions.

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