CT 05: Donovan former campaign manager named as co-conspirator #3


Joshua Nassi, the fired congressional campaign manager for House Speaker Christopher Donovan, has been identified by sources as the third alleged co-conspirator mentioned in a federal affidavit about how thousands of dollars ended up in Donovan's congressional campaign from hidden donors.

The sources said that Nassi, the former legislative aide to Donovan who joined his 5th Congressional District campaign as manager, is CC-3 in the affidavit. The document outlined how the FBI says CC-3 accepted multiple political contribution checks of $2,500 from so-called "conduit" donors, passing through money from donors who wanted their identities hidden.

Nassi has been unavailable for comment since last week, when the U.S. Attorney and FBI arrested Robert Braddock Jr., the finance director for Donovan's campaign. Braddock was charged, following an FBI sting, with conspiring to hide the source of $20,000 in political contributions, most of them to Donovan's Democratic campaign, in April and May. No one else has been charged.


-- An article last week said that CC-1 has been identified by sources as Ray Soucy of Naugatuck, a correctional industries supervisor at the Cheshire state prison complex and labor union activist who supports Donovan.

--On Wednesday, sources told The Courant that CC-2 is a former employee of a smoke shop in Waterbury, Smoke House Tobacco on Watertown Avenue, a retail outlet that has "roll-your-own" cigarette machines. The machines and proposed taxes on them have figured prominently in the ongoing criminal investigation of alleged influence-buying at the State Capitol. Smoke House Tobacco was not mentioned in the affidavit.


The role of CC-3 was at the receiving end of those checks, on behalf of the Donovan campaign, the FBI affidavit said. CC-3 was "an aide to the [Donovan] campaign" other than Braddock, the affidavit says.


The affidavit says that after four $2,500 "conduit" contributions went into Donovan's campaign in April, another four "conduit" checks for $2,500 each were handed over to CC-3, now identified by sources as Nassi, at Donovan's campaign, on May 14. He allegedly received them from CC-1, who has been identified as Soucy, the affidavit said.

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