Could Chris Christie be Rex Ryan?

Anyone else think Chris Christie might be just like Rex Ryan?  

Rex inherited a Jets team that was full of good players and on the verge of being good.  For the first two years the team he inherited made the AFC championships -- one step from the Super Bowl -- and the coach's bluster, aggressive nature with the media and insulting nature was played off as colorful and popular.  While he was winning, he was a big ball of fun.

But in years three and four things started going downhill.  He claimed that the Jets team he had would win the Super Bowl, but didn't make the playoffs either year.  People got sick of his banter and boasting, and the media stopped fawning over him.  Now many in the media say he should be fired.

Chris Christie came in the same way.  Quick wins with pension reform, property tax "caps", changes to teachers contracts racked up a good record.  He screamed down a teacher, insulted a veteran and got in a shouting match on the boardwalk while eating an ice cream -- all things that were loved as "frank talk" while Christie was winning.

But now property taxes are still rising beyond inflation, the Meadowlands "American Dream" won't be ready for the Super Bowl (that the Jets won't be in), our unemployment rate is improving at the slowest rate in the nation and still two percent above the national average, state revenues are way below his own predictions, and the straight-talking Jersey guy routine may be wearing a little thin.

Last week he was caught calling an African American who challenged him "boy" in a way that was belittling and demeaning, though likely not racist.  A year or more ago Christie might have gotten away with it, but if you Google 'Chris Christie boy" you get some pretty scathing articles.  

An objective review of the state of the state shows that the Governor hasn't done a great job, or even a passable job.  Unfortunately there isn't much in the media tying Christie, who hold the most powerful Governorship in the country, to the results of his work.  As a result he has a high popularity rating.

So, is there enough time in the next seven months or so for Christie's act to wear thin and become as unpopular as Rex Ryan?  

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