Corporate AmErrorCa: Walmart Employee Fired for Defending Abused Woman in Parking Lot

At a Walmart store in the small Michigan town of Hartland, 30-year-old employee Kristopher Oswald was sitting in his car during a break on the overnight shift when he saw a man strike a woman in the parking lot. Oswald got out of his car and asked the woman if she was OK, at which point the violence escalated. He tackled the assailant and with the help of other onlookers kept him from getting away until police arrived.  

His reward for the valiant effort? He was fired by Walmart for breaking corporate policy.

Oswald is a recent hire of the retail behemoth, having begun his job about seven weeks ago. His freshly minted status as a Walmart staffer means that he was not yet considered a full-time employee. But the Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer still said that Oswald was subject to a company policy forbidding employees to intervene in such situations, according to the news site Opposing Views. And so Oswald was let go.  

Walmart spokesperson Ashley Hardie told the Associated Press, “We had to make a tough decision, one that we don’t take lightly, and he’s no longer with the company.”

Oswald told ABC News Radio that if he was put in the same situation again he would make the same decision. “I am always going to act the right way and do the right thing even after all this,” he told WXYZ, adding that his former employer’s decision left him baffled: “I never expected all of this. And the least I expected was to not have a job.”

The incident has started a movement by social media users who are demanding that Walmart give Oswald his job back. However, after an incident like this you have to wonder why he or anyone else would ever want this job.  

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